Designers & Their Products

Fiberactive Organics is proud to provide organic cotton thread and notions to a wonderful array of designers and manufacturers.  Here are some of their web sites and Etsy stores, so you can feast on their creativity and ingenuity.

Alabama Chanin


Designer garments and kits made in Florence, Alabama.

Anita Kidz

Organic cotton jammies and bedding.

Organic cotton jammies and bedding.

Organic cotton clothing for children & teens, designed and crafted with thoughtfulness and care, right down to the smallest detail in Brooklyn, NY.

Archer + Owl

Eye Squares.

Eye Squares.

Organic skin care cloths for people with sensitive skin.

Article by Courtny Holm – A.BCH

Unisex, organic linen button up shirt.

Unisex, organic linen button up shirt.

Carefully crafted, sustainable clothing made in Victoria, Australia

Bill + Jay Clothing

Bonnie Theodora

Organic weighted blankets for adults, children and pets.  And much more!


BoWorkwear is an eco-friendly apron company.  Their aprons are made from organic cotton, fabric recycled from plastic bottles and nontoxic dyes. They are beautifully designed and incredibly durable, cleaner and healthier for people and the planet.  It’s more than an apron.  It’s a movement.  Build Organically!

Camden Rose

Waldorf Dolls

Waldorf Dolls

Children’s toys made in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Charlie and Me Designs

Each fully organic piece is designed, patterned and lovingly handmade start to finish.

Coffee Sock

Coffee Sock makes a wide range of organic re-usable coffee filters and much more!
Read about what they said about Fiberactive Organics HERE.

Coral Marie

Coral Marie long dress

Coral Marie is slow fashion that is consciously handcrafted and designed for your lifestyle.  Hand made in Ohio.



An eco-conscious craft suply store in Acton, California.

Creekside Kid


Creekside Kid is located in Charlotte, NC, and is an environment-friendly business, which creates reusable alternatives for disposable items: facial rounds, unpaper towels, cloth wipes, nursing pads, and diaper liners.

Danu Organic

Danu Organic makes healthy, elevated basics from organic fibers sourced directly from farmers. Currently, we only work with Sally Fox’s colorganic cotton — an organic cotton grown in New Mexico that naturally grows a radiant shade of sepia brown. No dye needed.
Though we plan to expand into other farm-direct fibers and natural dyeing, our steadfast objective is to pursue production of the healthiest clothes in the world at a scale that makes them accessible.
Our designs reflect the beauty of the human body and the durability of the earth that gives us our fibers and colors. We offer feminine & masculine clothes for infants, kids & adults in an expanded size range — because sustainability is for everyone.

Sarah Danu
Founder & Creator

Eco Peaceful

Nutmilk bag Nutmilk bag

Strainer and spouting bags for the kitchen, made in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Finnlen Pencil-Cases

Finnlen is focused on creating durable, well-crafted, timeless home goods and clothing handmade in Kentucky.



Fluffmonger’s designer/owner, Jenny Maj creates these humerous and adorable handmade works of art. Each piece is carefully crafted using materials that are organic and ethically produced.

Folklore Doll Company

Rasmus (Norwegian Elf)

Rasmus (Norwegian Elf)

Handmade folklore figures made in York, Maine.

G Roslie

simple, organic, modern, timeless clothing & accessories made with utmost care for all, slowly & mindfully –

Gaia Conceptions 

Indigo Dipped Top

Indigo Dipped Top

Gaia Conceptions team of Artisans custom cuts, sews, and dyes each garment by hand at our studio in beautiful North Carolina.

Handmade Happiness by Ruth

Delux Raceway Car Play Mat

Delux Raceway Car Play Mat

Engaging organic play mats and soft toys for children.  Hand crafted in Winchester, Virginia

Jean Franklin

JeanFranklin photo

Ethical, sustainable and vintage pieces for your wardrobe and home. 

Jen’s Organic Home


Jen’s Organic Home is a retail store in Tucson, AZ that carries all you need to furnish your home in healthy organic products.

Kendal Leonard Designs

Orchid Gown

Orchid Gown

Hand sewn, hand dyed, organic cotton wedding wear, made in Charleston, SC.

Knits By Ed

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep

Soft sculptures made from yarns gathered by deconstructing knitted garments, etc.  Hand knitted by the artist in Mitchell, IN.

Lana’s Llamas

Dark Organic Gauze Men's Shirt

Dark Organic Gauze Men’s Shirt

Lana’s Llama makes organic fashions for men and women.  Charleston, SC.

Lauren Winter


Lauren Winter is a small clothing design studio based in the USA. Founded in 2013, our goal is to create high quality, statement designs that reflect the individuality of the wearer and evoke an air of timelessness.

Lindsay Brook Designs

Lindsay Brook Designs is a small batch accessories company, specializing in ties and other accessories for weddings and every day.

madder root

Madder Root Crab napkins

Organic linen napkins, set of four.

Organic linens for the home made in Old Towne, Maine

Made By Marisa

Colorgrown Cotton

Maple Organic Wear

Maple photo

Organic, fair trade and sustainably made garments endeavouring to create a more conscious community for Mother nature, Our animals and Each other.

Mimi Prober

Modern heirlooms handcrafted from antique materials. Honoring the hands that created the art. The Mimi Prober sustainable luxury Atelier, Ready to Wear, and Fine Jewelry collections are produced in New York, partnering directly with local artisans, farms, mills, and manufacturers.

Natural Linens

Natural Linens is a family-owned and family-run business dedicated to providing quality, organic reusable products for the home.


Organic catnip filled toy.

Organic catnip filled toy.

Organic cat toys & catnip.

Pansy Undies

Pansy Sportswear

Pansy makes underwear, sportswear, leggings and much more from their factory in California using US grown organic cotton.

Reborn Clothing Co.

Start with this.

Start with this.

And we'll give you this.

And we’ll give you this.

Reborn Clothing Company turns your old clothes into something new.  Whether it’s redesigning your favorite old dress or making a pillow out of your collection of t-shirts, Reborn will refresh, restyle and remake whatever is in your closet.

Reuse & Baby Lou

Reuse & Baby Lou pic

A line of handmade reusables helping homes ditch their disposables and a line of handmade baby items. We also offer small batch micro-manufacturing, supporting other small businesses with their soft goods needs.

Sprout of Whimsy

ORGANIC Maeve Bandanna Bib

ORGANIC Maeve Bandanna Bib

Hand made accessories for children and babies.
Sprout of Whimsey Etsy store

Studio Habeas Corpus


Habeas Corpus is a research & design studio in Boston, MA, focused on materiality and the body, through dress, architecture, dance, & history.
Our goal is to bring to life a gentler, low-tech material world through education, experimentation & collaboration.
The studio’s textile output is sewn using organic cotton thread & fabrics with the lowest impact possible.

Sustain by Kat

Sustain-by-Kat-photoPlant dyed organic cotton and linen.  Sustain’s goal is to make clothing that is more than just low impact.  We create clothing that actually has a positive impact on our world, helping both our environment and the people in it.  Los Angeles, CA

Sustainable Baby Co.

MoonWomb pillow for pregnancy and nursing comfort.

MoonWomb pillow for pregnancy and nursing comfort.

100% Organic, Sustainable, Motherhood Provisions. For a new generation of earth conscious littles.  Denver, CO.

Tango y Alegria

Organic cotton dog bedding and mats.

Organic cotton dog bedding and mats.

Our mission is to craft 100% organic cotton dog bedding you and your pet will use for years to come.  Hand sewn in Tucsan, AZ.

Twinkle and Company

Scamper & toys
Toys for dogs crafted from organic cotton, filled with plant based fiber that does not off-gas, sewn with organic thread, and hand painted with totally nontoxic.


WakeWell’s all new, patent-pending pillow is the most adjustable, supportive, healthy and sustainable pillow available, designed to adjust to your sleep needs and help you wake well everyday.

Wart & Flea

Organic pet bed.

Dream Cloud organic pet bed.

Sustainable lifestyle products for pets.  Hand made in New Zealand.


Hand made, hand dyed, hand painted, custom-made items for fine tuned humans.

Young Urban Homesteaders

ReFresh Foldedd Single.JPGHandmade in Fort Wayne, IN with 100% Organic Cotton, these ReFresh Produce Bags keep your produce fresher, longer.  A natural alternative to the plastic bag.  Brought to you by the Young Urban Homesteaders, committed to solutions for a regenerative future.