How to Place an Order

Fiberactive Organics is the brand owner of Sewpure and distributor of Scanfil and Anecot. We do not sell retail or drop ship. Wholesale orders can be place directly with Fiberactive Organic’s sales office.
For Retail orders please see the list of our retailers by clicking HERE.

Setting Up Your Wholesale Account

In order to set up a wholesale account all you need to do is send us an email with the information below to:

1.  your legal business name

2.  the owner’s name 

3.  business address and a shipping address if they are two different places

4.  your website address(es)

5.  your phone number and alternate number if there is one 

6.  your tax ID number.  Here in the US that is known as your EIN number.

7.  We send invoices via Paypal, so please specify what email address you’d like us to bill to. 

PLEASE NOTE:  All transactions are in US dollars.

Placing an Order

When we receive the email with your account information, we will set up your Wholesale Account and send you copies of our Terms Agreement, Price List, SKU Spreadsheet and Order Form with instructions for filling it out.

Put the Order Form in your files with the shipping information filled in, and save it. Whenever you want to place an order, just fill in the product information and quantities, then save it as a new document so you’ll always have a fresh form in your files ready for your next thread order.

You may send the order form to us in either Excel or Numbers format. When we get it we’ll contact you if we have any questions, otherwise the next thing you will receive is a Paypal invoice from us. Once the invoice is paid your products will ship, usually within 2-3 business days.

Contact Us

For further information, or what ever you need, email Julie Moore at:

or call Monday – Saturday, 11am to 11pm, US Eastern Time zone: +1 919 612-3765.