Fiberactive is the proud distributor of Scanfil organic cotton sewing thread, a GOTS certified, multi-purpose thread that comes in two weights; 30 weight (30/2, Tex 35) and 50 weight (50/2, Tex 29) that both come in 64 colors plus an Undyed version for piece-dying. Spun in Holland, the organic cotton is gathered from several sources so the thread is a blend of the longest fibers available, making it smooth and strong.  Scanfil has been mercerized for strength, so is suitable for seams, overlock, top stitching, quilting and embroidery; and will not shrink or bleed with washing.

Scanfil 30 wt comes on 300 yard spools, 3000 yard wooden cones for domestic sewing, and 5000 meter recycled plastic cones for industrial use.

Scanfil 50 wt is put up on 500 yard wooden spools and 5000 yard wooden cones.  The cones are suitable for overlock and longarm quilting machines.

Scanfil is wound on sustainably harvested wooden spools and cones in plastic-free packaging for retailers, and recyclable plastic cones for manufacturers.

A variety of 3-color assortments are packaged in plastic free recyclable boxes.

Assortments with 6 colors are sold with refillable wooden stands.

Counter Top and Floor Display Units hold either 36 or 64 colors

Scanfil colors

All colors are achieved with fiber-reactive dyes accepted under the Global Organic Textile Standard for the lowest environmental impact.


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