Braided Tape

Braid is beautiful for hand or machine knitting.

Braid is beautiful for hand or machine knitting.

This organic cotton braided tape is made in Rock Hill, SC by YLI Corp.  They use an antique braiding machine and 13 strands of organic cotton yarn to make a firm but soft flat braid that is a little less than a quarter of an inch wide.  It comes in natural color, put up on spools of appx 350 meters.  Or, dyed in variegated colors using fiber-reactive dyes put up on 50 yard spools.  YLI-HD-Briad-chart

Whole skeins of variegated colors can be ordered on request.  It’s fabulous for machine or hand knitting!

Hand-Dyers love this braid in natural color so they can take it any dirction they like!  It takes up color just like cotton fabric does, whether you prefer natural vegetable dyes or fiber-reactive dyes you’ll enjoy working with this dainty but sturdy braid.