Anecot Organic

Anecot Organic thread is made of certified organic cotton grown and spun in India by the same spinner that makes Sewpure.  Anecot comes in two sizes, Tex 35 which is a light thread well suited for overlock or light fabrics, and Tex 105 which the heaviest organic thread we’ve ever seen.  It’s made for canvas, burlap and all of your heaviest sewing jobs, even sashiko.  Tex 105 requires a size 125/20 needle on your machine and may take a bit of adjustment to the hook.

Anecot Organic Tex 35 is put up on 5000 meter cones and comes in Natural, Natural Green and Natural Brown.  Natural color has had nothing done to the cotton except washing, so it’s perfect for garment dyeing or chemically sensitive customers.  The Natural Brown and Natural Green colors are achieved with fiber-reactive dyes according to the GOTS.  These hues are meant to blend with heirloom cotton grown in those colors.

Anecot Tex 105 only comes in Natural color and is put up on 3000 meter cones.