Sewpure – Strong Organic Cotton Thread – Now Taking Pre-Orders!

Sewpure-cones-NatThe development stage is over, this GOTS certified organic cotton thread in two weights performs beautifully and has come in at a very comfortable price point.  Fiberactive Organics in now ready to launch Sewpure, our most durable and dependable organic cotton thread.

Sewpure, Tex 40Tex-40-colors

Sewpure Tex 40 is a multi-purpose thread that is strong and smooth.  Sturdier than our other multi-purpose threads we recommend Sewpure Tex 40 for sportswear, home decor, dolls and other products that will take some wear and tear.

Sewpure, Tex 70Tex-70-colors

Sewpure Tex 70 is a heavy duty thread, formulated for denim, canvas, and upholstery fabrics.  It is our most durable thread for stitching that needs to hold up under stress.  The color scheme was chosen with jeans manufacturers and furniture makers in mind.


Sewpure Tex 40 and Tex 70 in Natural color have not been lightened, dyed or coated.  The cotton has simply been washed and spun, to support our customers with MCS and it is perfect for piece dyeing.

Custom Colors

Fiberactive has the ability to produce Sewpure in custom colors.  We offer fabric matching services or your color can be developed from a Pantone number.


We anticipate the arrival of our first cones of Sewpure in early autumn this year.


For pricing and pre-ordering contact Julie at: 919-612-3765, or