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Why do we sell organic cotton thread?  I could spout a million statistics about how chemically grown cotton is killing birds, fish, and even us.  I could tell you that fast fashion is using up our worlds natural resources and piling it high with yesterdays fads now considered garbage.  I could show you pictures of rivers running in wild colors due to the effluent that is released from fabric dyeing factories.  Or I could tell you that in my state, North Carolina, the children have the highest level of pesticides in their blood of any state in the union due to chemo cotton.  But I won’t say all of that.  I won’t say that my doctors advised me to wear a respirator in my sewing studio because of the chemical load on “conventional” fabrics and thread.  I won’t tell you that I don’t want those chemicals soaking into my body through my skin and I don’t want to breath those micro-particles that are constantly breaking off of my clothes right under my nose.

I’ll just say that one of the greatest pleasures of my life has been to pick organic cotton from my own garden and sit down and spin it – right off the seed – into clean, healthy yarn.  My favorite outfit is the first one I knitted from organic cotton I that spun myself.  It’s like wearing my own back yard with the rain and the sunshine of the summer on my skin.

I know that everyone can’t grow and spin their own organic cotton, nor do they want to.  So Fiberactive is making the next best thing possible by enabling manufacturers and individuals to sew clothing that is clear of harmful chemicals and that actually restores the soil of the farms where the cotton is grown.  We’re putting the organic cotton fields of India, Peru and the Middle East into your backyard; their healthy children are your healthy children, their clean water is your rain.

Julie Moore
Founder, Spokesman & CEO